Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has said he is "fascinated" by US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, describing him as "a classic, tragic Shakespearean character" that he would like to portray.

In an interview with BBC Two's Newsnight to discuss his autobiography A Life in Parts, Cranston was asked about his views on Trump and said he feels that his presence in US politics is a good thing in the long run "because it could be a wake-up call to what could have been a disaster".  

"What's so amazing about Donald Trump is that [he's] unabashedly a demagogue," Cranston said. "He talks about issues and problems and if you listen to that, you would think that everything is horrible. Everything is just horrible."

Cranston then showed that his impersonation of the businessman-turned-politician gives Alec Baldwin a run for his money.  

Bryan Cranston in Trump mode

"He also doesn't present any solutions," the actor continued. [Mimicking Trump's voice and mannerisms] 'I'm just gonna make it great. It'll be great again, I can guarantee it. Great again. We're gonna work great deals, it's gonna be fantastic. Everything's gonna be huge. It's gonna be great. Great, great, great. Huge. Problem, problem, problem. Great, great, great'. And you go, 'He's saying nothing'.

"He has no ideas. He's just... He's a remarkable... That's why he's so Shakespearean because he's so... He's just unlike anyone we've ever seen in that realm."

When asked if he thinks Trump could win the election, Cranston replied: "It's not real to me that he could win. It would just be the most bizarre thing imaginable. I don't think he's going to win and I hope that when he loses he would do everyone a huge favour if he just... If he just went away. If he just... Please just go away."

Cranston is tipped to be among next month's Golden Globe nominees for his portrayal of US President Lyndon B Johnson in the HBO biopic All the Way