New RTÉ2 comedy drama Can't Cope, Won't Cope went down a treat with audiences as it premiered on Monday night with the show qucikly becoming one of the top trending topics on Twitter and winning widespread praise for its realistic depiction of young Irish women.

Can't Cope, Won't Cope centres on two girls from Cork living in Dublin, who begin to drift when one spirals out of control.

The six-part series, starring Amy Huberman, A Date For Mad Mary's Seána Kerslake and Traders' Nika McGuigan, kicked off on Monday night with a double-header and continues next week.

The feedback from viewers has been mostly positive in particular over the show's accurate portrayal of the lives of twenty-something girls. One commentator hailed it as the "new Pure Mule", others said it makes them nostalgic for their partying days, and others labelled it their "new favourite show."

Of course, not all comments were so positive. The Irish Times gave it a mixed review, praising the acting chops of the two leads in particular Séana Kerslake which remarked that she "doesn’t just grab your attention as Aisling – she wrestles it to the floor and has her wicked way with it."

However it concluded the show "seems to slip drunkenly between two stools" of broad comedy and darker drama.

On social media there was a notable gender divide in the reaction. A few male commentators were less than bowled over, with some viewers dubbing the show "forgettable" and "purile".