A Date for Mad Mary and Can't Cope, Won't Cope star Seána Kerslake has played down the claims that she is the 'Irish Scarlett Johansson' saying she just has "one of those faces that people can see similarities of others in."

Many have likened the up and coming Irish star to Johansson and while she takes it as a compliment because "she's a very beautiful woman" she remained modest by putting it down to the idea that she just has "one of those faces."

"I said when we can play sisters in a Coen Brothers movie we'll be sorted, or a Woody Allen film," Kerslake laughed.

"I think I do really have one of those faces, because even on Facebook my friend was saying that people are tagging their friends going 'that person looks like you' and there's already that. I'm not on Facebook now, she was telling me this, but I think I do have one of those faces that people can see similarities of others in," she told RTÉ Entertainment.

Scarlett Johansson - the American Seána Kerslake?

Following the box-office success of A Date for Mad Mary, Kerslake can now be seen in the new RTÉ comedy drama Can't Cope, Won't Cope. The series is about two Cork girls living the high life in Dublin who begin to drift apart as one spirals out of control.

Nervous for the show to air, Kerslake said she is also excited for an audience to see the series.

"I think with TV you're always nervous because it's so accessible, like everyone has it in their sitting room; they can turn it on, they can turn it off, they can say whatever they like about it, so it is daunting but that's part of the job and it's out there, and your job is done," she said.

"People are allowed have their opinions, just like we're allowed have our opinions on them, do you know what I mean? It's all relative. [I'm] anxious and nervous, but also excited, the turnaround for TV is really quick?"

Catch Can't Cope, Won't Cope is on RTÉ2 at 10pm on Monday nights.