Sarah Lancashire has changed her mind and will return for a third and final season of the acclaimed BBC One drama series Happy Valley.

The show's creator Sally Wainwright made a pitch to the former Coronation Street star and Lancashire has now confirmed that she will don a police uniform once more to play Sergeant Catherine Cawood.

It had been reported that she initially ruled out a return to the BAFTA Award-winning drama, but that's all changed now.

Lancashire told The Sun: "I thought we'd already had the end but Sally feels there is a very final ending needed for the show and for Catherine. There's going to be a very big full-stop to the piece."

But fans of Happy Valley could be waiting a while for the third season. As Lancashire pointed out:  "It's just an idea at the moment.

"Sally has told us she wants to write another series, which will be the final one. We don't know when it will happen."