Rip Off Britain presenter Gloria Hunniford was the victim of a £120,000 bank fraud by an impostor posing as the star.

The 76-year-old Loose Women panelist's bank account was emptied just days after a woman claiming to be her arrived at a Santander branch in London with people posing as her daughter and grandson.

Personal banker Aysha Davis, 28, who served the impostor at the Croydon North End branch, was accused of being part of the plot but got acquitted after less than 30 minutes of jury deliberation.

Phoney grandson Alan Dowie, 18, faces jail and will be sentenced alongside Reyon Dillon, also 18, who laundered some of the cash from the scam.

The court heard Santander have reimbursed the money stolen from Ms Hunniford's account after it was drained of £120,000.

"The lady said 'I've come to add my grandson to my account'; she said she had 'a few bob' in there and that she'd been ill.

"The old lady had her bank card and her driving licence - it's not rare people wanting to add someone to their account, so this was just the same as always."

When asked if she would recognise Gloria Hunniford, Davis replied: "I didn't recognise her or I would have done something about it. I wouldn't have gone ahead with the transaction."

She also said: "I had to google Gloria Hunniford and even if I passed her on the street I wouldn't recognise her because she's not from my time."