Irish duo All Tvvins deliver a debut of delicious guitar shimmer and propulsive anthems. It's fantastic  

As former members of Dublin bands Cast of Cheers and Adebisi Shank, Conor Adams and Lar Kaye created a precision-tooled circuit board of byzantine guitar riffs, skittering percussion, and instrumental voyaging.

Having joined forces to form All Tvvins in 2013, the duo has lost none of that exacting technical mastery but on their excellent debut, a propulsive pop joyousness seems to power every song. With melody always to the fore, these anthems (and they’re mostly anthems) swoop straight to the heart of killer choruses and uplifting lyrics. If it’s a sense of transport and transcendence you’re looking for, IIVV will zap your pleasure zones and buzz your cerebral cortex.

Look beyond the obvious Foals and LCD Soundsystem influences and All Tvvins delve deeper into the guitar/synth matrix; IIVV sure bristles with superior and intelligent pop but it also has a dislocating sense of otherness.

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Kudos too to drummer Lewis Hedigan, who pins every song down with real sharpness and bass-playing vocalist Adams has all the widescreen heroism of an eighties rock idol. But it's guitarist Kaye who may be the real star here. He's adept at Andy Summers-like guitar shimmers on the restless Too Much Silence and on The Call (and how mullet the blue sky is that title?), he offers up an Edge-like spiral before All Tvvins lock into the Polynesian ambience of Darkest Ocean.

There’s no let up the kinetic energy levels but they keep the best to last - closing track Unbelievable is nothing less than a celebration of life itself. In anyone else’s hands, it would sound cheesy. All Tvvins make it sound like the most inspirational thing you’ll hear all summer.

Alan Corr @corralan