Singer Demi Lovato has apologised after sharing a video of her mother joking about the Zika virus.

The 23-year-old ‘Heart Attack’ singer came under fire from fans yesterday following her posting a clip on Snapchat, which showed her mum Dianna Hart saying “Everybody down in Rio is gonna get the Zika virus”.

Lovato’s mother was drinking alcohol, while Lovato herself could be heard laughing in the background.

Demi Lovato at this years Billboard awards

The video sparked outrage online, where people managed to get #DemiLovatoIsOverParty trending on Twitter.

The star today set the record straight on her Twitter page, in saying “In no way did I mean to offend anyone last night. I was laughing at how southern my mom sounded, not the issue at hand. Deepest apologies”.

Addressing the hashtag, which essentially proclaimed that her career was now on the wane, and which was similar to the one used for Taylor Swift's fall from grace over Kanye West's ‘Famous’, Lovato added “If you watch everything I do, you're still a fan.. I ain't goin nowhere bitches”.

"It's an awesome feeling when you're so content with life and yourself that hate doesn't effect you.. Feelin' good y'all."

The Zika virus has been known to cause birth defects in babies and has badly affected Southern American countries, including Olympic host country Brazil, which has led to several Irish names dropping out of the games