Former Breaking Bad star Dean Norris has landed a multi-episode arc on long-running sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

According to EW, Norris will play Captain Williams, a US Air Force rep from the Department of Materiel Command, who has a keen eye on the gang's quantum gyroscope for military applications.

This is following on from the season nine finale, where Simon Helberg's Wolowitz suspected the Air Force could be spying on them and their project.

"Based on what we've learned and what we've been researching, it could be fine, but I think there is a small percentage chance that they should actually be concerned," the show's executive producer Steve Molaro told EW.

"That storyline is certainly not finished. They have no choice but to see what the Air Force wants and then go from there."

Norris, whose TV CV also includes recent shows such as sci-fi drama Under the Dome and historical miniseries Sons of Liberty, will appear in the first three episodes of The Big Bang Theory season ten, which is due on this side of the Atlantic in the autumn.