Will Smith told RTÉ Entertainment that he "had a ball" on every one of his trips to Dublin and would encourage his Suicide Squad cast-mates to visit the city.

"I love it there, I've had a ball," Smith told RTÉ Entertainment in London. "I've probably been there five or six times. You know actually, it's always for concerts, every time I'm in Dublin it's always for concerts."

Smith's co-star Joel Kinnaman, whose father is of Irish descent, revealed that he has yet to visit Ireland, but there's one particular sporting occasion that would guarantee he made the trip.

"I've never been to Dublin, I wanna go see [Conor] McGregor fight, if he ever fights in Dublin," Kinnaman said.

The pair was joined by their co-star Jai Courtney for the interview and they reminisced about the rehearsal period for the film, likening it to a group therapy session where they all got to know each other inside out.

"We spent a lot of time together, we learned a lot about each other. The rehearsal period was much more of a group therapy session where we learned more about each other than we honestly cared to know, and I wish I could un-see some..." Smith said.

Kinnaman added, "Un-see and un-hear... Mainly un-see though."

"And un-do," laughed Courtney. "Unfortunately it's far too late for that. So you've just got to build from that point and we managed to build things... And through all that we forged a bond that's unbreakable."

Suicide Squad is in cinemas now.

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