Alexander Skarsgard has told RTÉ TEN that he enjoyed exploring his lead role as Tarzan, both in and out of the jungle, in The Legend of Tarzan because it brought something new to the role.

The film begins in London where Tarzan has been living as Lord Greystoke for a decade or so with his wife Jane, who is played by Margot Robbie. In the film, the pair travel back to the Congo and Skarsgard enjoyed exploring the well-known character from a fresh perspective.

"I thought it was fun that it's the opposite of the novel, or the old movies," he told RTÉ TEN in London. "Most of the old iterations start in the jungle and end up in civilisation and this is the other way around which I thought was a cool, interesting, surprising introduction to these characters that people think they know everything about."

"When you see this very civilised British Lord drinking tea with the Prime Minister it's not quite the Tarzan you expect to meet and I thought that was quite fun."

Robbie's Jane is a more modern version of the character and her independent, feisty nature was something that appealed to the actress when taking the role.

"She just seemed like a fun character to play and I liked the dynamic she had with Alex's character and with Christoph Waltz's character, there's two totally different sides to her and I appreciate the opportunity that I got to play both," Robbie told TEN.

Skarsgard and Robbie agreed that their friendship off-screen made it very easy for them to create an on-screen chemistry together.

"That was the easiest part of everything... Honestly it's really easy when you get along anyway. But we also had the time in prep to establish a history together through a movement coach and choreographer, and also we had six months of shooting, so there's a lot of time spent together so inherently you have an easy vibe after that long," Robbie said.

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