Co Down singer Foy Vance has admitted that he has no recollection of his first meeting with Ed Sheeran, the man who would go on to become his musical sparring partner, friend and record label boss.

Vance, who has just released his third album, The Wild Swan, on Sheeran's Gingerbread Man Records, first encountered Sheeran nearly ten years ago but Vance's memory of what would turn out to be a fateful meeting is pretty shady.  

"It was Arthur's Day in Whelan's in Dublin and we were both playing there at the same time," Vance told TEN. "In fact, there is a version of me singing Hallelujah and it's the worst version of Hallelujah you're ever going to hear. It's so embarrassing . . . 

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"So I met Ed that night but apparently I'd met him before. He came backstage with his dad at a gig I played in Norfolk, I signed a CD, he reminded me of that the other week! Hahahaha. So that was the first time I ever met him properly and chatted with him and even then I was struck by the tenacity of the wee fella.

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"He's the first guy in history to do Wembley as a one-man show. Ed pretty much does what he wants and makes it work and what is he? 25, 26? You can't not be inspired by that."