Alice Through the Looking Glass director James Bobin has heaped praise on Irish actor Andrew Scott saying he was thrilled that he agreed to make a cameo in the film as he is "really fantastic."

The movie is the follow-up to Tim Burton's 2010 box-office hit Alice in Wonderland, and Scott makes a brief appearance in the film as Dr. Addison Bennett.

"I'm a big Sherlock fan, I love Moriarty, so I knew he would be great for this particular character," Bobin exclusively told RTÉ TEN in London. "He has a very distinct role in the movie and so I knew that he would bring something very unusual and memorable to that scene."

"It's only a couple of scenes but he's really fantastic in it. I was thrilled that he agreed to do it and he pulled it off with aplomb," he added.

Bobin also discussed the lasting relevance of the Lewis Carroll story saying, "I'm incredibly proud that I'm making a film which has a female lead because there aren't that many these days, which is one of the points I think Lewis Carroll was trying to make; that girls are as equally capable as boys.

"So I think that 150 years later, that we're still talking about the same thing is rather sad, but at the same time I think that Lewis Carroll pushed that idea forward and that certainly, today, still stands to me as an icon in that situation... [Alice] feels like she has her own idea of how the world should be and she feels like she has the right to have a choice in what she chooses to do."

Alice Through the Looking Glass hits cinemas on Friday, May 27.

Check out Sinead Brennan's full interview with James Bobin by clicking the video link.