Moone Boy star David Rawle has said that he thinks the rumoured film of the TV series could explore his character Martin growing up.

Speaking to TEN while launching the Kellogg's GAA Cúl Camps 2016, the Leitrim-born actor said he had no insider information, but opened up about the direction a possible big-screen adaptation could take.

He joked: "People are like, 'David knows!' and I'm like, 'I actually don't!' If they did do something else I would totally, 100% be up for it. But at the moment they haven't [said] 'Yes we're going to do a Moone Boy movie'. If they did I would be up for it, or it could be another series, or a Christmas special, I honestly don't know. 

David Rawle and 'imaginary pal' Chris O'Dowd in Moone Boy

"Martin's unique in that he has an imaginary friend when he's 11 or 12, but now that he's older, maybe 15, 16, keeping the imaginary friend, maybe they could explore that. Because they haven't really talked about growing up too much, so maybe that's something that could be explored."

And does he have any more acting plans for the summer? 

"Listen, the Junior Cert is what I'm going to pursue for the minute! All 'A's hopefully! Everything is very quiet at the minute.  ut if there was something that came up I'd definitely be up for it, especially during the summer holidays, but at the moment it's all very quiet."

Rawle said he is thrilled to be taking part in Kellogs GAA Cúl Camps 2016, which offers training in hurling, camogie, football and ladies football, and said he has fond memories of when he attended the camp with his friends back in 2008.

"I remember going for the first time and having great fun because it was really different. It wasn't like going to training or anything like that, it was more like doing various sports with your friends," he said.

"For the first week I played mainly Gaelic and then after that I start doing the hurley part of it. I remember learning that you could hand pass in hurley and I didn't know this before....I don't think some of my friends still believe me when I tell them the rule exists", he joked.