Coronation Street's new boss has set her sights on an Aidan Turner-like heartthrob for the ITV soap, saying to get someone as "handsome" as him on board would be "brilliant".

Kate Oates, who recently departed her role as the head of Emmerdale, will be starting on Corrie in two weeks, and wants to shake up the ITV show with some new eye candy.

She praised Dublin-born actor Aidan Turner, the star of BBC's Poldark, saying someone like him would be great for the show.

"British TV has really raised its game. There is Aidan Turner and there are a few others like him at the moment," she told the Daily Mirror."There is a lot of talent out there and some of it is very handsome. Someone like Aidan would be brilliant."

New Corrie boss Kate Oates

Oates added that she wants to respect Corrie's legacy, saying: "Everyone says, am I going to shake it up? It's such a long standing show that you have to respect what is there and its history," she added.

"For me it's about telling the best stories I can and using the characters the best way I can.

"You just want to tell the most engaging, thought provoking, heartfelt stories you can. It's about balance the whole time."