Joe Duffy is hosting a special Easter Monday broadcast to commemorate the 1916 Rising which will be broadcast live from outside Clery's on O'Connell Street.

The special programme, Joe Duffy Live from O’Connell Street, will go back in time to 1916 and will re-enact events of that fateful day in real time.

The Liveline presenter will be braving the elements for the special show, in which he will be broadcasting live as if the 1916 Rising is happening around him. 

Speaking to TEN, he said he's looking forward to the show despite the expected weather conditions, saying: "The weather forecast is dreadful and it's going to be cool and wet and damp. It'll be very different because Easter Monday 1916 was calendar wise a month later was a glorious day. It looks like the weather forecast is pretty rough but we will be there."

This isn't the first time the broadcaster has had to put up with inclement weather for a show.

"I've done my Christmas Eve programme in minus 17 degrees, without thermals I hasten to add, and with my short kilt I wear on Christmas Eve for ceremonial purposes, so rain and wind and howling gales will not deter us on Monday," he said, "because as far as we're concerned at half one this Easter Monday afternoon outside Clery's, as it was then and isn't now unfortunately, on Sackville Street, it will be Easter Monday 1916 in the exact same spot, and at that time, half one, two o'clock, half two, three o'clock, that's when the Rising kicked off.

"I know the rebels marched into the GPO at 12 o'clock but the looting and the disturbances and the British Army's arrival didn't happen until half one and it all happened around O'Connell Street at half one, and we will be there because as far as we're concerned it is Easter Monday 1916 this coming Monday."

Tune into Joe Duffy on Easter Monday March 28 from 1.30pm to 3pm on RTÉ Radio 1.