Joe Duffy has said that his book Children of the Rising aims to commemorate the heroism of the young civilians involved in the 1916 Rising so they can be celebrated along with the rebels during the current centenary celebrations.

Countless books about the Rising have been published, but Duffy's was the first to focus on the stories of the over 40 children who lost their lives in the events of Easter Monday, 1916.

Speaking about why he chose to focus on them specifically, Duffy told TEN"I think their stories deserve to be told, I really do. I really believe they are part of our history.

"They were totally ignored in 1966 and the aim is just to try and start with the children to try and get them into the narrative," he said.

One of the main challenges for Duffy in writing his book and in making his upcoming RTÉ documentary, Children of The Revolution, was tracing the personal stories of the children who lost their lives in the Rising as they have no descendants to call upon for their input.

"They didn't have children, great-grandchildren, and so that was very difficult, to get actual stories . . . It was a bit of detective work," Duffy says. 

Joe Duffy's Children of the Revolution documentary, which is based on the stories told in his book, is aired on Easter Sunday, March 27 at 9.30pm on RTÉ One. 

Duffy also revealed which of the leaders of the Rising he would most like to sit down to dinner with. Click the video link to find out who he chose.