Laura Whitmore has reportedly parted ways with her musician boyfriend, Sunset Sons frontman Rory Williams.

The Bray native made headlines recently having been spotted at a pre-BAFTA party spending time with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Whitmore addressed the claims at the time saying they "hadn't been easy" to deal with telling 3am, "I'm going out with someone, I promise I didn't stay in Leo's room all night!"

A source has now told The Irish Mirror that the attention the Leo rumours created didn't help her relationship with Williams.

"Things haven't worked out with Laura and Rory," the source said. "Some of her friends think they are still going out but he's getting on with his music and doing his own thing.

"What happened with Leo didn't help the situation either. It just created a lot of unwanted attention."

Whitmore and Williams met at a music festival last summer, with the presenter introducing him to her family while they took a road trip around Ireland earlier this year.