“I’ve too many homes, probably, but I love them,” says musician Elton John.

Elton and his husband David Furnish have six properties between them in Beverly Hills, California, Atlanta, London, Windsor, Nice and Venice.

“It’s a matter of creature comforts, " he tells today's edition of The Telegraph. "It’s nice to stay in your own place, and you just accumulate them. Anyway, I’m not as bad as Keith Richards. He turned up in Paris once and he’d forgotten where he lived!”

“To be honest, a normal night for me would be putting the kids to bed, reading them a story, and then having dinner with David at home,” the singer told the newspaper at his 70s-look residence in Beverly Hills.

Elton and Furnish have two sons, five-year old Zachary and three-year old Elijah, born to a surrogate mother. “I don’t really hang out or stay up lat, " says the entertainer. "I’ve got to get the kids to school for half past eight. That’s my life, and I love it. I’m in a joyous place.”

His new album due next week, is entitled Wonderful Crazy Night, recorded with a self-consciously Seventies sound and featuring mostly energetic, uptempo numbers.

The 68-year old musician approached the making of the album - whose lyrics are by long-time collaborator Bernie Taupin - with efficiency and discipline. The songs were composed in the morning, rehearsed in the afternoon and recorded by evening.

“No one’s making this kind of record any more, " he told The Telegraph. "There aren’t the bands around to do it. But you can still rock and roll at 70, if you’ve got the means and the will. It was so much fun.”

He is philosophical about the possibilities of chart success. “It’s not my time any more. I had my time. Move over.”