EastEnders stars Jessie Wallace and Shane Ritchie, who play Kat and Alfie on the soap, recalled their childhood visits to Ireland on The Late Late Show, with Wallace revealing that she never enjoyed her time here - but it's ok, she loves it now.

The pair discussed their turbulent on-screen relationship in EastEnders and what it's like translating their TV chemistry to the stage in their new play. On their chemistry however, Wallace described kissing Ritchie as being like kissing her brother saying, "It just feels weird because Shane and I are really close friends."

Ritchie echoed her sentiment joking that it's "like kissing my nan."

Both stars are of Irish descent, but they had very different relationships with Ireland growing up, with Ritchie wishing he had spent more time here, and Wallace revealing that she never enjoyed coming over at Christmas time to visit her family.

"My granddad's from Cork, I've never been to Cork so I'd love to go. I've got a lot of family in Dublin," Wallace said. "We used to go every Christmas when I was a kid but I didn't like it, I didn't want to be there. But now, I love Dublin, I love Ireland."

Ritchie's parents are both from Dublin and moved to North London in 1964. Ritchie remembered fondly his experience growing up in an Irish community there.

"There was a big Irish community, my dad used to run Irish clubs, so I grew up around a whole Irish culture in the '60s and '70s," he said. "I'd come over to Dublin many times, like if someone died... I don't get to spend as much time here, I know all my cousins are at home now watching right now, and I don't get to see them as much as I should."