Irish playwright and screenwriter Wesley Burrowes, who created the popular RTÉ series Glenroe, has passed away aged 85 following a long illness.

He was best known as the writer of the long-running drama Glenroe, which he created in 1983, and also scripted the series Tolka Row, The Riordans and Bracken.

Noel Curran, Director-General of RTÉ, said in a statement: "Wesley Burrowes made the defining contribution to televised serial drama in Ireland. From Tolka Row to The Riordans, Bracken to Glenroe, Wesley did not simply create plotlines, he created entire worlds, populated with original characters who themselves became household names on a scale unheard of before or since.

"Universally respected, beloved by his actors and crews, he captured facets of Irish life, and the Irish people, that resonated deeply with audiences. His deep regard for character allowed him to express his remarkable range for comedy, commentary and tragedy - sometimes all three at once - that always felt innately truthful and real. His exceptional talents sustained him across four decades of writing for the small screen, and his place as the master of Irish television serial drama is assured.

"On behalf of RTÉ, and on behalf of our many colleagues who worked so closely with him over many years, I would like to extend my sincere condolences to Wesley's family."

Burrowes is survived by his wife Helena and children Ciara and Kim.

People have paid tribute to the late writer on Twitter, take a look at some posts below.