Daniel O’Donnell has admitted that he almost quit his singing career because he wasn't earning much money, which resulted in financial pressure.

The Kincasslagh crooner revealed that he almost gave up on his career of choice when he started out back in the 1980s and struggled to survive until things finally turned around for him.

"I made my first record in 1983 but it took until about 1986 for things to gain momentum," he told the Irish Daily Mail.

O'Donnell had decided to rely on his degree in Accounting and Economics in order to make a living, but then his single My Donegal Shore became a hit and the rest is history. 

Wee Daniel and his wife Majella celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary in Tenerife last week, making it far from an unlucky number for the happy couple.

As well as their sun break, they are taking it easy after Daniel's recent stint on BBC show Strictly Come Dancing and the success of their show Daniel and Majella's B&B Road Trip.

"At the moment, Majella and I are back in Tenerife," he said. "It is the first time since we got married that we have actually been off and not travelling."

O'Donnell was one of the star attractions on last month's country music special on The Late Late Show. The special generated the show's highest ratings of the year, and O'Donnell enjoyed taking part.

"The night was dedicated to country music," he said. "It certainly was a wonderful evening where a lot of the performers from the past to the present day gathered to celebrate the wonderful music we enjoy in Ireland."