She may be one of our best known actresses worldwide, with a string of plaudits and awards, but that still didn't stop Dennis Quaid from making a complete hash of Saoirse Ronan's name when delivering the Golden Globe nominations, referring to her instead as 'Sheesha'. Sheesh!

Admittedly, the complexities of Irish vowel combinations aren't the easiest for the uninitiated, just ask any Caoimhe, Aoife or Ciarán who's ever ordered a cup of coffee in Starbucks abroad. Many took to social media to complain that Quaid should have been better briefed before delivering the nominations, though he could have easily just put a call into Ryan Gosling who last month gave the perfect lesson on how to pronounce Saoirse's name.

When presenting her with the New Hollywood Award for her performance in Brooklyn, he gave this invaluable advice, telling the audience that it's not pronounced 'Say-or-see' or 'Seer-say' - it's 'Shersha', like 'inertia'. Spot on!

Needless to say, people have been having great fun with Quaid's clumsy attempt at getting his tonsils around Saoirse's gorgeous name.

His complete fluff with her name has reminded more than a few people of John Travolta's own foot-in-mouth moment at the Oscars a few years back when he memorably introduced Frozen singer Idina Menzel as 'Adele Dazeem'.

And lest we forget Leonardo DiCaprio at the 2014 Golden Globes. When reading the Best Actress shortlist, he said that Judi Dench had been nominated for 'Philomania' rather than Philomena.