The 1987 classic movie is being remade for TV and will star Little Miss Sunshine actress, Abigail Breslin, as Baby.

US network ABC is behind the project and has revealed it will be a three-hour adaption of the original story and have confirmed 19-year-old Breslin in the lead role.

The news has sparked speculation as to who will portray dance instructor Johnny, the part that catapulted the late Patrick Swayze to stardom.

The network has not yet revealed when the Dirty Dancing remake will be broadcast.

Set in the summer of 1963, Dirty Dancing is a love story revolving around 17-year-old Baby and Johnny, the man who teaches her how to dance.

Eleanor Bergstein, who wrote the screenplay for the original movie, is on board for the new small screen incarnation.

She was also behind the successful 2004 musical, Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage.

A prequel called Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights was released in that same year with British actress Romola Garai.