Teresa Mannion's Storm Desmond report on the RTÉ News: Six One has continued to entertain and garner a series of memes and pastiches.

The RTÉ news journalist quickly became the top trending topic in Ireland after her heroic live report on Saturday, which saw her being battered by sheets of rain and strong winds as she delivered her impassioned piece to camera live from Salthill in Galway.

She immediately began trending on Twitter following the report, with users expressing their respect for her dedication to the job. Mannion was deemed a "legend" for the rain-drenched report, while numerous tweeters saying she deserved an Oscar for her heartfelt performance, or at least a hot cup of tea.

The internet has exploded with a series of videos paying homage to her dramatic report, with a Super Céilí remix adding a dance beat to the piece, while Oliver Callan and Damo & Ivor have also their recorded their takes on the viral video.

Speaking to TEN, the journalist said she has been blown away by the "phenomenal response" on Twitter, saying it was a particularly challenging report as she and her crew were in the eye of the storm, battling "incessant rain and gale force winds".

She said she was in a "crazy bubble on the prom being blown hither and thither, hoping to be heard over the winds", but added that it's "part and parcel in what we do".

Mannion reiterated the important weather warnings across the country issued by the Gardaí, saying that at the end of the day "it is about reporting on serious, treacherous weather conditions".

The journalist also thanked her news crew, saying she couldn't have done it without them.

Twitter exploded after Mannion's report aired on the Six One news, check out some of the best reactions below.