47-year-old singer Anastacia has revealed she would love to date 21-year-old One Direction star Harry Styles.

The I'm Outta Of Love hitmaker explained that she doesn't put any age limits on her partners. She said: "'I would go on a date with Harry Styles in a heartbeat. I have dated much younger men and it's fine.

''Older and younger men tick different boxes but they're just as good as each other - there's not one better. I don't use the label 'cougar' - you like what you like - it's not an age thing.''

Speaking to Closer magazine Anastacia admitted that she went "crazy" for Botox when she was younger, however she is now happier without the muscle-freezing injections as she can show emotion again.

''I went crazy for Botox in my 30s - I went for the injections around every three months but after my divorce I stopped.

''None of my friends could tell whether I was angry or laughing any more.

''Now if I want my wrinkles to disappear, I just do a really tight ponytail.''