I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! (9.00pm UTV Ireland) returns with some lesser-spotted celebrities and some you will know - Duncan Bannatyne, Lady Colin Campbell, Tony Hadley, Yvette Fielding, Chris Eubank, Susannah Constantine, Brian Friedman, Jorgie Porter, Kieron Dyer and George Shelley. The Mario Rosenstock Show is also back (9.30pm RTÉ ONE) and  Piers Morgan’s Life Stories features John Lydon in a revealing encounter (8.00pm UTV Ireland)

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

9.00pm UTV Ireland

Last year's highlights included Michael Buerk rapping with Tinchy Stryder, Kendra Wilkinson and Edwina Currie falling out in spectacular style and Gemma Collins going jungle AWOL after only a few days in camp. This year’s celebrities - some of them decidedly lesser-spotted - are as follows:  Duncan Bannatyne, Lady Colin Campbell, Tony Hadley (the Spandau Ballet front-man is pictured) Yvette Fielding, Chris Eubank, Susannah Constantine, Brian Friedman, Jorgie Porter, Kieron Dyer and George Shelley. Viewers choose which of them will face the first Bushtucker Trial. Weirdly compulsive it will prove to be, as ever . Lord of the Flies it ain’t, but it’s in the ball-park. There will be those we come to love in a cute and cuddly way, those we want to protect from all manner of attack and freeze-out and those, we hope,  who will be on the first plane out of Australia. All that insect hissing and booing and all that bird and animal noise is strangely comforting in the dank and damp days of November.

The Mario Rosenstock Show

9.30pm RTÉ ONE

You’ve seen the wacky promos and now here is the show. In the new series, Mario Rosenstock brings us his latest wild and wicked impressions of Francis, Miriam, Vincent, Louis Walsh, Katie Taylor, Ray D’Arcy, Donald Trump and many more. In the very first episode, music mogul Louis Walsh joins Mario as Vincent Brown in studio, which should prove interesting. What will happen when the original meets the impersonator? This six-week run should be just the tonic.

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: John Lydon

8.00pm UTV Ireland

Lydon - aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols - talks to Piers Morgan about how childhood meningitis at the age of seven affected his memory so severely that he was left unable even to recognise his own parents. He also reflects on the death of band-mate Sid Vicious. Still performing with his band PiL and living in LA, John is about to turn 60. He explains to Piers how he got the nickname, Johnny Rotten.  “Bad teeth. In my childhood, the only time I saw a toothbrush used was my dad cleaning boots. There was bits missing (in my teeth), all cracked up, I’d avoid the dentist.” Steve Jones his fellow Sex Pistol gave him the name, “almost immediately on our first meeting, “ recalls Lydon. “ ‘You’re rotten you are.’ I liked it a lot. It was not taking yourself too serious.” The musician still lives with the fear that he might wake up and not remember who he is. “There’s nothing worse than that.  To absolutely not belong to anybody, that’s the ultimate pain.”  John’s partner Nora is 14 years his senior. “We are just made in heaven., “ he declares. “We’re so awkwardly different, she’s the best person in the world I’ve ever known.”