They are two of the biggest stars in music and are long-time best friends, yet Jay Z and Kanye West have very different tastes when it comes to their hotel and backstage requirements.

Tour 'riders', as they are known, list out requests for hotel and music venue staff, and Kanye and Jay Z's have leaked online revealing the demands made by the two stars. reports that Kanye asks hotel employees to remove any vases which are not the desired shape because he wants them all to be "cylindrical", while Jay Z orders cleaners to refrain from vacuuming floors anywhere near his room.

Kanye insists the towels in his suite must be black, and asks for a rare vintage stereo speaker, the Genelecs 1031a, to be waiting in his room for him. 

The rap superstar also requests dental floss, Kashi Go Lean cereal and 13 bottles of booze.

A previous rider from one of Kanye's tours emerged in 2012, revealing the Stronger hitmaker asks for several cosmetics to be placed in his dressing room.

His beauty haul includes lip balm, face scrub, body lotion, baby wipes, anti-dandruff shampoo and posh scented soap at all of his gigs, as well as a games console and three bottles of liquor.

Meanwhile Jay Z bans all staff from asking him about concert tickets to "avoid embarrassment", and he also requests three $80 (€72) tuberose-scented candles and for the entire suite to be "baby-proofed" for his young daughter Blue Ivy. The suite must also be kept at 71°F.

Jay Z also insists that there is a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne waiting for him in his room – but he's not paying for it, he owns the company don't you know!