“Work hard, save and live within your means,” was the mantra in the Bailey household, as the comedian who recently concluded a sell-out Irish tour recalls

“I think I reaped the benefits later, “ he tells today’s edition of The Telegraph, recalling his thrifty parents. His father was a GP and his mother was a ward sister.

He did however, treat himself to “a decent bike, a bit of kit for paddle boarding and I like bird watching so I bought a decent pair of binoculars. However, bottles of Cristal, blingy and showy stuff isn’t me." 

Money doesn’t make people happy, he figures, judging from the number of people he has encountered who are loaded but unhappy. “If you have enough money to be comfortable it makes life a lot easier and that’s undeniable. But I think happiness is more elusive.”

The 51-year old comedian  is married to Kristin, and they have a son Dax. His wisest financial decision was, well, staying put. “My best move is simply property," he says, referring to the Hammersmith flat purchased 25 years ago. “Our best decision was to stay and do up the flat we’re in rather than sell up and it’s increased in value exponentially compared to any financial scheme nonsense.”