Author Colm Tóibín has praised the movie adaptation of his novel Brooklyn as "very pure without being sentimental."

The writer praised director John Crowley and screen-writer Nick Hornby for their work on Brooklyn, which opens on Friday November 6. "I think we're too old to push feeling harder than it should go," he told "I thought it was very pure without being sentimental. In other words, the emotion didn't exceed its cause - that you did join in with her (actress Saoirse Ronan as his character Eilis Lacey) in feeling certain things that you thought were genuine."

The author has also revealed that he is working on a new novel set in Ancient Greece. "Every time I think of a title for it, everyone tells me it's wrong, So I'll have to think of a good one." As to whether it could be the basis for a future film, he reaffirmed that the novelist's job is to "stick to your sentence - if you start thinking `will this be a film?' it will be a bad novel and it will never be a film."

Writing these early drafts, he finds he is conscious of the visual sense. "Sometimes when I'm reading it, I think.. ah, I've taken this from the cinema."