Is Bono turning into Taylor Swift? Well, he was joined on stage in Barcelona by some very famous guests, although their dance moves may not have been as choreographed as some of the stars who joined Swift. Blue feather boa anyone?

Yes, that is Oscar-winning actors Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz in the picture and yes, they did join Bono and the lads on stage in Barcelona.  

Bardem was first up and performed a rather interesting dance with his blue feather boa, sidling-up to not only Bono, but Larry, Adam and The Edge as well. It's a miracle Bono managed to belt out Mysterious Ways without guffawing his way through the lyrics. 

As soon as the song was over Cruz jumped up and appeared to be scolding her husband and ordered him to leave the stage, but Bardem wasn't budging until he got his picture taken with the band! 

It was then Cruz' chance to get up close and personal with U2, she stayed on the stage with her blonde wig in place and filmed their performance of Desire. Talk about VIP treatment.