Simon Cowell reckons that ITV bosses should pick up the rights to talent show The Voice UK and broadcast the show in place of the BBC.

Earlier this year, ITV acquired Talpa Media, which produces the show, and Cowell believes the UK independent broadcaster should take advantage of that situation.

"It's a tricky one", he says, "but ITV own it now and I'm guessing if you've bought it, you'd want to put it out. If it goes out as it is now on ITV, then I don't see a problem."

Cowell is no stranger to poaching from the BBC for ITV's benefit. He brought Alesha Dixon from Strictly Come Dancing to Britain's Got Talent and then persuaded Rita Ora to join The X Factor after a season on The Voice UK.

Cowell did admit that if ITV were to get the rights to The Voice UK, it would be "a bit unfair on the BBC because they have made it a good show" but feels they didn't handle Tom Jones' departure very well.

"The mistake they made was they thought if it leaked, it was going to be an issue", he said. "They thought they had to keep it a secret with the Boy George announcement".

"And they didn't need to. They could have just said to Tom, 'You know what, time's up'."