Jeremy Corbyn exited the stage after his debut Party Conference speech as leader of the British Labour Party earlier today to a little-known song by seventies Detroit soul band Chairman of The Board.

The track, entitled Working On A Building Of Love, was released by the band in 1971. Their biggest hit was Give Me Just a Little More Time, which was covered by Kylie Minogue in 1992. 

The choice of track marks a departure from New Labour's 1997 adoption of Things Can Only Get Better by D:Ream, the Northern Irish pop dance duo which included Peter Cunnah and Brian Cox, who went on become a professor and mainstay of BBC science programmes. 

Corbyn has previously promised to invest in British arts and music, including teaching every child in the UK to play a musical instrument. 

The NME reports that a number of UK musicians have spoken out in support of the new Labour leader. Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods has said: "I’ve not looked into a lot of the stuff he’s been talking about but it reeks of compassion and that’s what you want.

"There is none of that about at all. I don’t get that from anybody, anybody from Westminster really. Probably about a little bit of an inch of it came out of Ed Milliband sometimes, but generally speaking, everyone speaks in riddles."

At a gig in Plymouth recently, Morrissey said of Corbyn: "You know he's a vegetarian? He doesn't like the monarchy? He hates war? They're going to assassinate him."