Shane Filan has said that he'd love to perform his solo music on The X Factor, but is realistic about his chances of doing so.

The former Westlife star, who has just released his second solo album Right Here, said that he's hoping for Simon Cowell to give him a call and invite him to perform on the show's live episode.

He told Bang Showbiz: "It'd be nice to hear from Simon. Westlife were on The X Factor loads of times over the years, but we were one of the biggest bands around. But I'm just a solo artist starting out now, if you get the biggest song in the world then you'll get on The X Factor but if you don't, you won't, because you're competing against some of the biggest acts in the world, you're competing against everyone in America all the biggest acts in the UK and there's only 15 slots or whatever it is.

"I'd love to get on this year but I'm very realistic about where I am at in my solo career and I'm building this again and it takes time and great songs. I feel I have a couple of great songs on this album so we'll see where it ends up in the next couple of months."

The singer added that he would also love to perform on rival show Strictly Come Dancing, saying he isn't choosy about which platform he was given to showcase his new music.

He said: "Strictly is the same as X Factor they're both massive TV shows, I'd love to get on that but you're competing with so many artists.

"Look, if I get on either of those shows then I'll know my album is really working."