BBC One head honcho Charlotte More has rejected claims that Tom Jones was treated badly when he was axed from The Voice. She also revealed that the next Doctor Who could be a woman and commented on Strictly Come Dancing's rivalry with The X Factor.

Channel controller Charlotte Moore, who is responsible for the strategy and all the shows commissioned on BBC One, said she would never "put a bar" on the direction in which producers wanted to take the programme.

Speaking to the Radio Times magazine Moore said: "Peter Capaldi is a fantastic Doctor, and he's broken the mould. But I'd never put a bar on that.

"The great thing about Doctor Who is that anything is possible."

In the candid interview, Moore was also asked about the decision to axe veteran Welsh warbler Tom Jones as a coach on talent show The Voice UK.

When the news became public knowledge Jones was quick to state that he was "unaware" he was being fired after four years on the show.

"It's not that I was let go, it is how it was handled," he told the Mirror. "The executives in charge couldn't be ladies and gentlemen about it, that they were filled with paranoia about a "leak" above all is deeply insulting to our professionalism."

Moore insisted that it wasn't true that Jones was badly treated, saying: "No one wanted to upset him, but I have to say it's in the nature of The Voice. It's inherent to change coaches. Everyone knows it's the way the pop industry works ... we told Sir Tom as soon as we could."

Another hot topic touched on by Moore was the schedule clash of BBC One's perennial hits Strictly Come Dancing and ITV's prime time talent show The X Factor.

Speaking of the conflict, she said: "We're scheduling Strictly in the place we've always scheduled it, and I think our audience expects it to be there at that time."

"I think it's when the flagship entertainment show is expected to be shown on a Saturday night," she added.

"There's no evidence that it's had any [negative] effect on ITV's entertainment over the years. Knowing that the BBC is giving people an alternative is absolutely right."