He may have a hit called Take Me to Church - but Hozier pulls no punches when discussing his views on the Catholic Church, saying he believes that there should be limits to the Church's influence.

The Bray superstar talks life, religion, human rights and 'that song' on RTÉ One's The Meaning of Life with Gay Byrne which returns for a new season on Sunday. 

Hozier condemnned the church's persistence in "sticking their noses" into the "relationships of two people". He aso said that Catholic doctrine can inspire people to fear "being born, creating life or making love and dying", the three things most important things that anyone would ever do.

His Grammy nominated song Take Me to Church recalled the singer's frustration with the Catholic Church and its stance on homosexuality. The song's powerful video, which has racked up a massive 80 million hits on Youtube also highlighted the plight of gay couples who have to live under a culture of homophobia.

Yesterday the Wicklow singer revealed that he is "itching" to write new music and said that he is working on some new tracks at the moment.

The Meaning of Life with Gay Byrne returns to RTÉ One on Sunday September 27 at 10.35pm.

Here's a clip of Hozier's interview with Gay Byrne: