The award-winning singer is reportedly in talks with the BBC to make a TV show to accompany her new album.

The Someone Like You hitmaker's third album, which is rumoured to be called 25, is scheduled for release in November and the 27-year-old singer is reportedly in talks with the BBC about making a televised programme to go mark the occasion.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Adele is simply too big just to be part of a green room of guests on a chat show. She deserves her own dedicated programme where the spotlight will only be on her.''

The record was due to be released May 2014 but was pushed back by Adele's record label XL Recordings.

The source added: ''It's not like she desperately needs the publicity but you can't turn your nose up at that level of exposure.''

In other Adele news bookies in the UK believe Adele is set to be announced as a headline act for Glastonbury in 2016 and have slashed the odds following a surge of bets over the last 24 hours.