Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon admits that the happiest moment in his life was when he surfaced after his yacht, Drum, capsized in the Fastnet Race in 1985. 

Le Bon - co-owner and crew member of Drum - was trapped under the hull with five other crew members for twenty minutes, before they were rescued by the Royal Navy. "I was in an air pocket for 40 minutes, and had to take off my long johns to be able to surface, " the 56-year old singer recalled to the Guardian.

Asked about his greatest fear, he revealed that he had "grown out of arachnophobia and a castration complex, but I have nightmares about dying alone."

Duran Duran recently released a new album, Paper Gods, and they begin a UK tour in November, having played the Isle of Wight Bestival yesterday (Friday). The 80s music giants have sold more than 70m records worldwide and received multiple awards through an almost 40-year career. Le Bon and his wife live in London and they have three daughters.