Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain and Doctor Who will join Graham Norton for chat when he returns on September 25.

A trio of sci-fi stars will join Graham Norton for the first episode of a brand series of The Graham Norton Show.

Peter Capaldi, who is the twelfth actor to play Doctor Who, is set to reveal some details about the new series of the time travelling show.

Matt Daman and Jessica Chastain are on the show to talk about their new movie The Martians.

The Weeknd will be performing his summer smash Can't Feel My Face.

The chat show king took some time out from a recent visit to west Cork to lend his support to a health initiative in Bantry.

The 52-year-old, who owns a holiday home near Bantry on the Sheep’s Head Peninsula, officially opened 'The Bungalow', a haven for cancer patients and their relatives.

Speaking to RTÉ Norton said: "I think particularly in a rural community to get a diagnosis, it can be very isolating, and you can feel very alone - like it's only you.

"What's great is that there is something like this [support centre] that brings people together and you don't feel alone, and you know that other people are going through it, and you know that there are people giving you solid, credible advice and help."

The Graham Norton Show returns on September 25 at 10.35pm.