Jack Whitehall has said he had great fun learning to Irish dance for his TV series Bad Education adding that it is "the greatest shame" he didn't get to show off his moves again for the show's big screen outing.

For an episode of the hit BBC Three series, Whitehall had to learn to Irish dance but he revealed to RTÉ TEN that despite intensive dance lessons, in the end they had to use a body double for the scenes because he couldn't master the steps.

"It was such good fun learning to Irish dance, but in the end they had to use a double," he said. "I did some of it in the series, a lady came and taught me to Irish dance but in the end I didn't get up to scratch so they had to. They shot her legs, so it's a ladies legs and my top half. You can get away with it in Irish dancing, the top half is very easy to do to be honest, I mastered that."

Whitehall also poked fun at his A League of Their Own co-star Jamie Redknapp when asked if the ALOTO lads would be coming out to support his big screen endeavour. He told TEN, "Jamie will actually really like the film, because it's aimed at 14 to 17-year-olds, which is just his level... There'll be a few [jokes] we'll have to explain."

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