Asif Kapadia's documentary film about the late singer Amy Winehouse is set to become the UK's highest-grossing British documentary after taking £3.16m at the box office just one month after its release.

Amy already broke records when it made €730,000 at the Irish and UK box office over its opening weekend in early July and now it is primed to overtake Senna, Kapadia's documentary about racing car driver Ayrton Senna.

Amy would become second only to Michael Moore's Farenheit 911 as the most successful documentary ever released in the UK and Ireland.   

Director Asif Kapadia recently spoke to RTÉ TEN about the making of Amy and he told us that he took a decision not to use certain footage in the final film. 

“There was some personal stuff we came across which would be inappropriate to use in a film but that’s the sort of stuff that people shoot," he said. "There was a sequence after she wins all the Grammys and Blake [Amy's husband  Blake Fielder-Civil] is in prison and at this stage Amy was supposed to do a Bond theme.

"That era, that period, is when she gets really bad, really, really bad and she looks terrible. Quite late on, I was looking at some of that footage and I was thinking about using it and actually we chose not to because it felt like it was too much. It was horrible to look at actually.

"You realize that she is in such a bad way and you realize that it is supposedly after the highest point in her whole career. Unfortunately, it didn’t lead to her being fixed and cleaned up and seeking help; it lead to her potentially doing another job and another show.”    

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