Ireland AM presenter Anna Daly has told the RTÉ Guide that she doesn't feel any pressure to look glamorous all the time - and that she likes a sweet treat.

As the TV3 star prepares for the Ireland AM weekend breakfast show, which she will co-host with Ivan Yates on Sundays and Simon Delaney on Saturdays, she revealed her thoughts on the shallow side of showbiz.

“You’re not going to go on TV as if you’ve just loaded the dishwasher at home," she says, before adding: "I suppose you’re trying to put forward the best version of yourself that you can.

"You have to look as glossy as possible, which is where hair and make-up departments come in, thank god for them! I shop for myself and while it sounds gorgeous and glamorous, it’s a lot of hard work."

"If I felt pressure to look glamorous all the time, I’d be really skinny and I'm not. I do walk and jog but I don’t have a lot of willpower with food.

Daly also admitted that she has a weakness when it comes to keeping away from sweet treats. "I never deny myself a dessert when I'm out for dinner and I have little jars of jellies and chocolates tucked away in different parts of the house just in case I need a quick fix."

You can read the full interview with Anna Daly in the latest issue of the RTÉ Guide.