Jennifer Maguire has announced that she won't be returning to Republic of Telly for at least another year.

The 33-year-old broadcaster has been a staple of the popular RTÉ2 show for the past seven years, but she's in no hurry to make a comeback.

She was absent for most of the last season of the comedy as she was busy giving birth to her first child, Florence, and has confirmed that she's decided to extend the break.

"The show is back but I won't be," she said. "I've done it for seven years. It was very hard to say it, it was a very tough decision, but I won't be back for this season."

Maguire added that she made the decision to extend her absence in order to focus on a new sitcom, Bridget and Eamon, which is based on a sketch featured regularly on Republic of Telly.

She also confirmed that the new comedy, which will feature her co-presenter Bernard O'Shea, is expected to be on screen from early next year.

"Myself, Bernard and Jason Butler, who was our series producer for the last two seasons, are in the process of writing Bridget and Eamon, so we'll be back with that," she said.

"We're in the process of writing it and it's going into production and it's around the same time as Republic of Telly. I couldn't do both, so something had to give.

"We have this opportunity with Bridget and Eamon and you don't often get chances like that, so I have to put my everything into it."