Revellers in Dublin and Cork are getting ready to jump aboard the groovetrain and bring in da funk as the godfather of disco, Nile Rodgers and his band Chic get ready to take to the stage over the next two nights at the Iveagh Gardens in Dublin and Live at the Marquee in Cork. Since they began almost forty years later, Rogers and co have been involved in some of the most timeless party tunes of all time. Here's the TEN essential playlist which proves why they still wield such huge influence:

1. Le Freak

Chic's signature Disco anthem was written directly after Chic's Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards were refused entry from Studio 54 (the "Freak out!" refrain was originally written as "F*** off!").

2. Good Times

Hands up who hasn't bust a few moves to this at a wedding or birthday party? This ultimate party tune also has the distinction of being sampled on Hip Hop's seminal record The Sugarhill Gang's Rapper's Delight, an influence that laid the rules for all future hip hop releases. Fun Fact: It also inspired the bassline for Queen's Another One Bites the Dust.

3. Everybody Dance/I Want Your Love

Two other number ones in the US dance charts that cemented Chic's reputation and firmly put Disco on the music map before the backlash began in the late seventies. I Want Your Love was originally written for Sister Sledge, which brings us neatly onto....

4. Lost in Music - Sister Sledge

Rodgers and Edwards wrote and produced Sister Sledge's 1979 album We Are Family, which spawned three monster hits – the album's title track, He's The Greatest Dancer, and this disco classic.

5. I'm Coming Out- Diana Ross

Diana Ross roped in Rodgers and Edwards to spearhead her 1980 comeback album Diana and boy did they deliver. The second single off the album was very much written with her gay fanbase in mind (after they spotted several Drag Queens dressed as Diana at one of her gigs). The album sold by the shed load with over nine million sales to date.

6. Let's Dance - David Bowie

After meeting Rodgers in a nightclub David Bowie hired him to work on his 1983 album Let's Dance. The collaboration was a massive success, extending Bowie's fan-base to a younger crowd, and the title track remains one of his best selling singles

7. Like a Virgin - Madonna

After helping to define the sound of the seventies, Rodgers and Edwards helped create one of the most iconic pop albums of the eighties and along the way helping to propel Madge towards mega-stardom. Using live instrumentation, the album spawned hits such as Like A Virgin, Material Girl and Dress You Up and went on to sell around twenty million copies.

8. The Reflex/Notorius- Duran Duran

Rodgers remixed The Reflex for the band, which helped get them their first number one in the US. He would later go on to produce the single Wild Boys and the album Notorious. 

8. Get Lucky - Daft Punk

Talk about having the magic touch. Despite a prostate cancer diagnosis in 2010 Rodgers continued to work and his collaboration with French techno duo Daft Punk produced not only the 2013 song of the summer but also one his biggest hits ever. 

10. I'll be there

Chic's comeback single released earlier this year boasts their trademark sound - funky disco rythyms, killer baseline and of course happy lyrics. The single is a tribute to Rodgers' producing and song-writing partner, Bernard Edwards, who died in 1996 shortly after Chic came off stage from a gig in Japan and features on their new album It's About Time. It sure is!