A new documentary-style series about The Muppets will air exclusively on Sky 1 in Ireland and the UK this Autumn and will lift the lid on the personal lives of Kermit, Miss Piggy and co. as they prepare to reunite for a new TV series.

Miss Piggy announced the news on Twitter with a special message for viewers in Ireland and the UK saying it will be like nothing we've ever seen before and that it's so good people are already binge-watching it, even though it hasn't been released yet.

It is expected that the series will explore the personal lives of the Muppets and will "uncover what they really get up to at home and at work; the romances, the breakups, the achievements, the disappointments, the wants, the desires – and everything else in between."

The director of Sky 1 said of the series: "Get ready to see the Muppets like you've never seen them before – with no-holds-barred access as they prepare for their big reunion. The Muppets promises a candid look at what goes on before and after they start the music and light the lights!"

The Big Bang Theory's Bill Prady and Anger Management's Bob Kushell will write and executive produce the docu-series.

An air-date has not yet been released but their new series, The Muppets, of which this will serve as a behind-the-scenes expose, airs on ABC in the US on September 22.