Malia Obama is interning with Lena Dunham on the set of controversial HBO show Girls.

Barack Obama’s daughter, who celebrated her 17th birthday last Saturday, was spotted in the hip Brooklyn neighbourhood of Williamsburg, delivering coffee and helping to keep members of the public away from the set.

A source told Us Weekly that the work placement was set up while Dunham was visiting the White House:

“She’s a fan, and she mentioned that to Lena when she came to the White House. I’m not sure how long she’ll be interning for. It’s a bit of a trial thing for her. They’ve known each other and discussed [it] for a while. Lena and her get along great.”

The teenager is building up quite a CV for herself, having already worked as a production assistant for Halle Berry’s CBS show Extant. She is also currently interning at a fashion house.  

Malia is set to graduate from her private high school in Washington next year, and has been seen scouting out potential universities, including NYU, Columbia, Stanford and Berkeley. No matter where she ends up, the First Daughter seems destined for success.