American Odyssey only wrapped up filming its debut season last Friday, but the NBC drama has already been axed.

NBC is not commenting on the cancellation, but cast member Treat Williams and writer/director Peter Horton have both tweeted about the demise of the drama.

"American Odyssey has been a great experience," wrote Williams. "Thank you Peter, Adam, Kay, and a lovely cast for a great season. Thank you NBC for the gig."

Horton, meanwhile, tweeted: "As you all know we have bn canceled. Had we been on cable wld have bn a hit Thx to all of u for bing our audience #thebest #AmericanOdyssey".

American Odyssey stars British actress Anna Friel as Odelle Ballard, an American female Special Forces soldier who comes across computer files that prove a major corporation is funding jihadists in North Africa.

But before she has an opportunity to report on her findings, the rest of her unit is murdered, leaving her as the only survivor and sole witness.

Peter Facinelli (Nurse Jackie) and Jake Robinson (The Carrie Diaries) also star in the thriller, which follows the lives of three strangers - a corporate litigator (Facinelli), a young political activist (Robinson) and Odelle - who all know the truth about the international cover-up.

American Odyssey continues on RTÉ2 on Fridays.

Treat Williams' tweet:

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