Chic man Nile Rodgers is currently working with Keith Urban on tracks which are being described as  “EDM-country.”

"Urban's fans may have some kind of problem at first," Rodgers told Yahoo! Music. "But my biggest records have always been like that. A lot of people, the only record they ever bought by David Bowie was Let's Dance . . . His fanbase got angry: 'This sucks!

"This is not Ziggy Stardust! That's not Scary Monsters!' But it was huge because it spoke to a broader audience. I think a record like this will speak to a broader audience for Urban, and the country people will come around."

Rodgers met Urban at a pre-Grammys event in February, “I really like what Keith does on the banjo,” Rodgers said. “I’m a jazz guy, I don’t put a capo on my guitar - to me that’s, like, taboo. But when I watched Keith do it, I was like, ‘Wait a minute! I gotta learn this!’ So I watched him play, and I went home and started practicing.

"I said to him, ‘Give me six months and I’m going to be killin’! I’m moving to Nashville!’ Of course I’m joking - I mean, I’m not going to move to Nashville. But give me six months and I’ll have that down.”