The Shepherd’s Crown will be the final Discworld book from author Terry Pratchett who died in March.

The much-anticipated work will be published on August 27, while The Long Utopia, the fourth novel in the science fiction series Pratchett co-authored with Stephen Baxter, has just been published. The final novel in the five-book series will appear at a later date.

Terry Pratchett’s daughter Rhianna recently declared that there will be no more Discworld novels. The comic novels are “sacred to dad”, she said.

“I’ll work on adaptations, spin-offs, maybe tie-ins, but the books are sacred to dad,” she wrote on Twitter. “That’s it. Discworld is his legacy. I shall make my own.” She said that she did not intend to write “more Discworld novels, or giving anyone else permission to do so.”

The Shepherd’s Crown, which will be published on August 27, is the 41st Discworld novel. The cover features Tiffany and the six-inch fairies the Nac Mac Feegles which is about all that is publicly known about the book.

Larry Finlay, managing director of Pratchett’s publisher Transworld, told the Bookseller: “We are proud to preserve and curate Terry Pratchett’s legacy according to his family’s wishes, and we are thrilled that there is still one more Discworld novel by Terry, The Shepherd’s Crown, to come.”