Actress and director Selma Hayek’s  animated film, The Prophet - basedon Kahlil Gibran's best-selling narrative book – features two songs from Damien Rice.

Rice  is contributing two recordings to the film's soundtrack including the original song Hypnosis, which was composed specifically for the project. The Prophet soundtrack will be released on July 31.

Kahlil Gibran’s tale has sold over 100 million copies, in 50 languages, since its first publication in 1923. “And yet it has never had publicity," says Hayek, who is Mexican of Lebanese heritage. Gibran himself was also Lebanese.

“It’s been read by generation after generation without ever really having fame. It’s not a religious book, it’s poetic and philosophical. It’s a book written by an Arabic man, which unites all religions. That itself I think is important.”

The Prophet - which opens in August in the USA - features the voice of Liam Neeson reading the narrative poem within the book.