“Sometimes Jack would get really pissed off on stage and start screaming at me," recalls Ginger Baker about his ex-band mate in The Graham Bond Organisation and later with Cream.

The legendary bass player’s personality was Jekyll and Hyde, according to Baker, as quoted on Forbes.com today. “If you said the wrong thing, he would suddenly turn on you. One day during my drum solo, Jack began playing a bass thing with me. I was really getting off on it, phrasing with him on the bass drum."

“Suddenly he turned around and said, ”You’re playing too f***ing loud.” The result was that I nearly killed him. A bouncer had to pull me off. After the gig, he was okay for a while, but then he’d yell again. It wasn’t my decision (to fire him), it was the band’s."

As Baker recalls it, Graham Bond decided Bruce had to go after a hazardous bus trip from Ipswich. “Of course, I was the heavy, so I had the job of doing it,“ recalls the drummer. “But it was a band decision."

Jack Bruce died on October 25, 2014, aged 71.